Webinaire « English under the Arches: Innovative Workplace Training at McDonald’s USA »


7 Mai 2015 - 13h00 - 14h15

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The centre for literacy

Erin Voss, Education Program Specialist at McDonald’s USA, and David Rosen, adult literacy consultant, will present English under the Arches (EUA), an evidence-based ESL blended learning program inaugurated in 2007 for McDonald’s restaurant employees in the United States that has engaged thousands of employees. Erin will describe the EUA program and will highlight impacts for participants and franchisees, how teachers are selected and what it means for an employer to undertake such a program. David, who was involved in EUA, will offer background on its research and development and will respond and comment on aspects of the program in the context of broad and emerging issues around technology use for basic skills training.